Stadium latest: early August

There has been a tremendous amount of work taking place over the summer break and in June the stadium resembled a bomb site. TSP (TRAK Special Projects Ltd) is the company entrusted with bringing a new and improved range of facilities to Stonebridge Road in what I know will be the best main stand in non-league football and it is a real statement by the chairman and board of directors.

The development is bang on schedule and to date we have cleared the site, installed the new drainage system, put in the core foundations and soon you will see steel emerging into the sky as we begin the construction of the steel superstructure.

Emergency exit staircases have been erected at either end of the stadium but these are temporary in nature so in the case of the Plough End (where the staircase will be used to access the toilets) please be careful in entering and exiting in the stadium.

You will notice that the two floodlights at the Plough End are not aligned. This is because the proposal for the new stand at the Plough End involves it moving towards the pitch and linking up with the new Stonebridge Road stand.

Many of you will have been keeping track of the images on this website and we have also had several fans stopping by to see how things are progressing. From all at the club we are pleased that there is a genuine excitement for what is being created here at EUFC.

The next few weeks will see work being done on the sub-structure and trucks will shortly be on site to pour concrete along the foundations area prior to the metal ground beams arriving and being set in place. Until then, there won’t be a whole lot to report but I’ll be back in the matchday programme and online with the next update before the end of August.

This is just the start of the magnificent new home we are creating for the Fleet.

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